My research relates to physical education and health-enhancing exercise psychology in children and adolescents across follow-up studies and interventions influencing self-determination, physical activity, motor competence, and health-related fitness.

I have previously implemented a variety of structural equation models, for instance, regression models, path models, contrast models, mixed multi-level models, latent growth curve models (LGCM), latent class analysis (LCA), latent transition analysis (LTA), latent class growth analysis (LCGA). These can be widely applied to health and physical education research, sports, and exercise psychology.

Seminar presentations and education covering the topics of physical activity promotion, exercise motivation, and health behaviors in populations of different ages, for instance for workplace health promotion are available on request. See Publications for further information.

Example of a Workshop on Statistical Methods

Example 1. MPlus workshop for faculty and graduate students. 

Examples of Statistical Modelling

Example 1. Interpreting and reporting the results of a Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA).

Example 2. Interpreting and reporting the results of a Latent Growth Curve Model (LGCM).

Example 3. Interpreting and reporting the results of a Regression Auxiliary Model (Step 1 & 2).